Cover Design Guidelines


When designing sample covers, you should always pay attention to the following key areas.

  • Relevance of the cover designs to the Book’s Title – For example, if the Title of the Book is “Sports Nutrition” – The art work should relate and reflect sports and Nutrition relating to food.
  • Colors – Background colors, Art work and Text Colors should complement each other and ensure that the title, author names and everything is clearly visible and stands out
  • The trim size of the Covers - Covers need to be adjusted to the final trim size of the book: This can vary from 6X9, 7X10, 8X10, 8.5 X 11.00 Etc.
  • The Spine Size of the cover – The spine of the book needs to align and center correctly. The thickness of the spine can be determined by the page numbers. For example, if there are 200 pages in the books, the spine size should be calculated as 0.8 inches and the title should be centered accordingly within that space.
  • Barcode of the Book – Once a cover sample is selected; the barcode should be generated and placed on the back cover with proper sizing and the ISBN numbers.
  • Double check and review everything for accuracy. Especially the title and author details for spelling accuracy.

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